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Subscribe to Google Groups with Non-Google Address

by Chris Shenton last modified Oct 19, 2009 02:45 PM
Inconsistent behavior is confusing, but it's easy.

I want to subscribe to some discussion groups that use Google Groups, but want a non-Google/Gmail address to receive the mail and be allowed to post. For some reason, this isn't clearly documented in Google's extensive help pages.

You can send mail to: 

It will send you a confirmation email, and you must respond to this to confirm your address.

If you use an email reply, you will be subscribed so you can post, but will not be sent any mail from the group; that seems broken to me.

If you instead hit the URL link included in the mail, you will be subscribed for posting and receive mails, as you'd expect.

If you -- like me -- do the reply thing and try to re-subscribe it will tell you about your over-enthusiasm and ignore the request. In this case, send mail to

and then do the subscribe thing with the URL link.


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