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Install FreeRADIUS on OS X

by Chris Shenton last modified Feb 12, 2009 05:34 PM
Tweak a couple switches to avoid link failure against Perl

I am trying to emulate an RSA SecurID token authentication system which can be configured to use RADIUS for client access, in addition to its standard proprietary protocol and libraries which are painful to use. RADIUS is a standard so I can do development against a different RADIUS server.  I've used most of 'em, starting with Cistron, but like FreeRADIUS these days.


When I've tried to build it on OS X, it fails linking against a Perl library.  While the Darwin port worked for me recently, I rather perfer prefer putting it somewhere other then /opt/local/. 


These config options worked for me:

 ./configure --without-rlm_krb5 --without-rlm_perl
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