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CrashPlan on Headless Server

by Chris Shenton last modified Sep 04, 2011 09:45 AM
Use client on MacOS over ssh tunnel to headless server.

We use CrashPlan on our laptops and pay for CrashPlan's online service. We like the unlimited data, simplicity, and web-access to files; it's a good value.

We've been starting to put CrashPlan on our servers, but they're headless -- so how do we configure them through the GUI client?

Crashplan has a page that describes this unsupported feature, but path for the client settings on a Mac are different. On the OS X box, open 


Change the line to read:


Setup an SSH tunnel to the headless server:

ssh -L 4200:localhost:4243 yourusername@headlessbox

On the Mac, fire up the CrashPlan GUI client; it will use the new setting to connect to port 4200, which is forwarded to the headlessbox on port 4243 where the CrashPlan service listens. You should be able to configure your headlessbox, providing account information, backup file selection, network throttling, etc.

The only negative is that you'll have to edit that file back to control your local desktop CrashPlan service, and change it again to connect to the headless server. 

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